NA Sprint rules change -- what about old records?

Robert A. Wilson n6tv at vnet.IBM.COM
Fri Jul 9 20:48:49 EDT 1993

Now that you are changing the rules to prohibit multiple transmitted
signals, are you also going to open up a new record book?  After all,
this Sprint rule change may make it impossible for anyone to ever break
KR0Y's records.  Gee, we can't have that.  Let's close the old records
and start all over again.  Sigh....

I was hoping to improve my Sprint score by getting better at dual
transmitter operation.  All in all, I think I've made about 5 QSOs
lifetime while CQing simultaneously on more than one band.  It doesn't
help THAT much, does it?  After someone answers you, you've still got
just as much work to do because you can't start a simultaneous CQ again
until you move one VFO at least 5 kHz.

I bet Jeff still wins the next Sprint, despite the rule change.

The rules should have been left alone.  There needs to be at least
one contest that tests the operator to the utmost, i.e., permits him to
operate two rigs simultaneously.  The Sprint used to be it.  Now what
have we got?

Bob, N6TV

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