trivia quiz

Derek Wills oo7 at
Mon Jul 12 20:06:52 EDT 1993

This isn't the right place to post this, but traffic is low and we 
need to exercise our minds with no "real" contests on the horizon.

While mentally noodling, I thought of a person's (given, proper, first, 
christian, whatever) name that is exactly the reverse of another first 
name when send backwards in CW.  e.g. Derek would be an answer if Kereu 
were a common first name, so that's not the answer....  My wife's name,
Bev, is the same backwards but the example I'm thinking of involves two
different names, each of 5 or more letters.

A handsome certificate goes to the first answer deemed laudable by the
judges (me).

'scuse the frivolity -

Derek Wills (AA5BT, G3NMX)
Department of Astronomy, University of Texas, 
Austin TX 78712.  (512-471-1392)
oo7 at 

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