CT responses

Skelton, Tom TSkelton at engineer.clemsonsc.NCR.COM
Tue Jul 13 10:31:00 EDT 1993

Thanks to all of you who responded regarding my questions
about CT.  It is obvious that I have been out of touch for a couple
of years (standard blames:  promotion and hectic job, 3 young
children who just happen to be loads of fun, wife who didn't like
me living in radio room on weekends, [but she's fun too!]  etc.).
Matter of fact, I didn't even realize Pavillion Software and K1EA
Software had become Harvard Radio....just clueless!  The most
embarrassing part is that I used to be a packetcluster sysop!!!
I hang my head in shame....

So, I'll raid the cookie jar and send a check up to Harvard Radio.


and hope to see ya'll in August NAQP (it'll be my first, and
hopefully a return to MORE active contesting from South


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