n2ic at druwa.att.com n2ic at druwa.att.com
Tue Jul 13 08:43:45 EDT 1993

Not exactly a winning effort.....

Band   QSO's  Zones  HQ

40      91     9      3
20     139    21      3
15      29     5      1

Total  259    35      7

29,190 points

Operating Time:  3 hours

Rig:  TS-940S / Alpha 76PA
Antenna:  14AVQ Trap Vertical

High Points:  With condx as lousy as they were, I could fool lots of USA
stations into thinking I was a big gun.  Had phenomenal QSO rates, considering
the antenna.  Worked 4 EU on 40 meters (where was AA6TT between 0415Z and
0430Z ?).  Thanks to cq-contest participants KC6CEX, 9V1YC, AA6TT, N6TR,
K6XO, K8JLF, N0AX, N6TV, W4AQL, W1GD, AA5BT, K2WK (+ others ?) for the QSO's.

Low Points:  Never heard a signal on 10 meters.  Worked a total of 20 DX
stations (but then again, what should I expect with a poor antenna ?).

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