IARU Score

John L. Luigi Giasi jlgiasi at umassmed.UMMED.EDU
Tue Jul 13 13:02:43 EDT 1993

My sister's wedding allowed only a few brief visits to the radio.
and since I was in the wedding party we didn;t get back home till
oh.. 0700z, so I made one last Q to finish the logsheet and qrt'd to
drive them to the airport at sunup.

All qsos made with full tuxedo/tails on.

Mixed-Mode	25-Qsos 11-Mults ---> 715 Total score.

My parents heard me speaking into the mike, and found me in the shack.
Needless to say, I worked CW the next few times I could sneak out and op.

I just gotta get out of the house...
John L. Luigi Giasi, AA1AA                         jlgiasi at umassmed.ummed.edu
System Programmer
Scientific Computing, IRD
University of Massachusetts Medical Center                             ..._._

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