k3lr k3lr at telerama.pgh.pa.us
Tue Jul 13 14:06:13 EDT 1993

I am glad to see the rule changes to the Sprint!  Having competed in
them since the 1st one, ONE tx on the air at a time is OK by me.
I had lost interest in the Sprint when I heard stations on two bands
at once.  Don't get me wrong, I agree they are great ops to be able to
handle two TXs, but most other top events did limit a single op to one
TX signal at a time.

The ARRL DX multi single was very trying with the 10 min rule.  At
least in the CQ WW you have a mult station.  Guess we'll move up to 2
TX multi-multi next time.  When you are only working a new mult on
160, 10 mins can be a long time.

The ICOM IC-765 is a great rig.  I only used a 940 in a couple of
multi ops.  I liked the 930s before I got the 765s.  The 765 has a
great receiver which is the best reason to own one.

Tim K3LR

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