"EQUALIZED" contesting - A GOOD IDEA!

Danny Eskenazi 0005720561 at mcimail.com
Tue Jul 13 18:05:00 EDT 1993

Recently saw comments abhoring the idea of "equalizing" contesting.
Isnt it the idea in contesting to applaud the best operators? or is
it to applaud the best station? The goal of the WRTC (way back in '90) was to applaud the best team of operators, by letting them all go at it
from "equalized" stations and QTHs.  It was not perferct, but there
were 22 very similar stations, all in the same area, and they were
drawn randomly from a hat. Good test of an idea that has floated
around for a long time. There are alot of tribander/wire guys out
here who would give their eyeteeth to trade stations with KR0Y, N6TR,
etc...just once...and show their stuff.  Before dismissing the idea
of EQUALIZATION...think about how the next contest would be if all
the stations were one-tower, one yagi, same power, and all in one
geographic area (I know.....the QRM!!!) and everyone had to draw their
station by draw. Would the TOP TEN then reflect the top operators?
Does it now?          By the way...K1AR K1DG KR0Y KQ2M K7JA W9RE were
the winners....hmmmm  there goes my theory?   73  K7SS Danny Eskenazi
ps WRTC 94 is gonna be in UA1 StPetersburg Russia...waiting for details.

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