trivia quiz

Derek Wills oo7 at
Tue Jul 13 18:18:24 EDT 1993

	Trivia Test #2: Decode the infamous "WOUFF HONG" in CW to find out 
        what was really being said. That is, assume a rotton [sic] fist had 
        run the dots and dashes and letters run together. Maybe dashes sounded 
        like dots, etc. What did he say?

	Kris, AA5UO


(meaning "I am an idiot from Texas, please don't send so fast")

OK, I had to substitute an L for an F, but that happens all the time
with beginners.  The RSGB Bulletin, as it then was, had a story once
about a guy who always got L and F mixed up in CW, finally passed the
test, and got G3LFL for a call.


Derek AA5BT

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