IARU fun

Ward Silver hwardsil at seattleu.edu
Wed Jul 14 14:07:02 EDT 1993

IARU HF is always on the same weekend as our local island Strawberry Festival,
so I hardly ever get to pull out all the stops.  So, me and one of the junior
ops fired up on SSB and he learned to "pounce"!  Lowell, age 9, now wants to
get on to S&P at every opportunity, although it's a long time between contests
for him.  He was a bit sore at being confused with a YL, but cheered up when
I told him it helped him break through the pileups.  By the time he'd made 40
Q's he was timing it right and handling repeat requests real well...thanks to
K1DG and others who helped him get started.  The hook is set now, guys!  Also
thanks to Jason, AA5JX (?), age 10, who was running a pile on 20 and opened
Lowell's eyes to "kid radio".

My big thrill was working SU2MT on 20 CW for my last QRP zone...now for the card...
anyone have a QSL route?  Sounded like a guest op.

73, Ward

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