Create RC5B-3 failed after 4 years

Robert A. Wilson n6tv at vnet.IBM.COM
Thu Jul 15 12:19:31 EDT 1993

Who was it that was doing a survey on rotators?  Thought I'd report
that after 4 years of flawless service, my Create RC5B-3 suddenly
failed on Tuesday.  I wasn't even using it at the time.  There was a
slight gusty breeze (<15 mph), I heard a funny sound, like something
snapped and vibrated the tower.  Couldn't see anything wrong, but the
next day the antennas pinwheeled around and broke the coax.  Couldn't
see any cracks in the rotator housing, so I guess some internal gear
must have failed.

I did use the Create in many contests, but it was never subjected to
extreme winds, ice, or any other hazards that are common elsewhere.

The Create never really turned my 35 sq-ft stack all that well, so I'm
going to replace it with an Orion OR2800 + Orion PTA-1 torsion absorber
(aka. W6QHS rubber donut).  The Orion is said to have about 2500
in-lbs of rotation torque, vs. 1900 for the Create.

I am going to try to drive the Orion with the same well-designed
Create control box (it is soooo nice).  Has anyone out there already
done this?

Bob, N6TV

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