PED Availability

Bruce Sawyer sawyer at
Fri Jul 16 17:26:17 EDT 1993

Earlier today I posted a question about using PED in contest mode (as opposed to 
DXpedition mode).  Instead of getting an answer, I got quite a few requests for a 
copy of PED.  Rather than mail it out, I'm making it available on our BBS.  So 
herewith are instructions for dialing in and picking up PED.

First, a disclaimer.  PED is, to the best of my knowledge, in the public domain.  
I find no copywrite or other restrictions in the software.  I am told that it was 
given out at Dayton this year (I wasn't there). The copy I have was given to me by 
N6ST.  I can answer NO questions about this thing.  I think it's a good training 
vehicle, especially given the price, but it could stand some obvious improvements.  
As far as the binary is concerned, I can accept no responsibility for any viruses 
that might be there.  I didn't put any there, and I think it's clean, but you take 
the risk.  Etc., etc.  If you want to hold somebody responsible for the stress and 
mental anguish, loss of companionship, etc., go sue somebody else.  Don't take the 
software from me.

Given that, here's how to pick it up.  Dial into our Customer Support BBS system:
415-965-3601.  When you make the connection, the BBS will prompt you for desired 
service.  Respond with bbs<CR>.  At this point you will be prompted for a 
USERNAME.  Type your username or NEW to create a new account.  You will be asked a 
few questions, after which your account will be created.  You will then be given 
the "main menu".

>From that menu, type F to enter the file command menu.  Enter "3" when asked for 
the File area.  This takes you to DOS files.  Type D to change directories.  At 
the prompt, enter "/usr/public/upload" for the directory you want.  Type "P" to 
set the file transfer protocol.  You can then select X, Y, Z, or Kermit.  When 
asked the name of the file you want, its name is "pedpack.exe".  Just follow the 
instructions; it's fairly self-explanatory.  Everything is menu-driven.

When you get pedpack.exe, just execute it.  It's in compressed format, and it 
blows up into 7 or 8 different files.  There is a readme included, so there are a 
few clues there about how to use it.  Total size of the compressed file is about 
The BBS is up 24 hours/day, so you can pick it up anytime.  I'll leave the program  
there for a couple of weeks.  


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