multi-band antennas

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Sun Jul 18 14:38:51 EDT 1993

to Scott, K9MA, and others hams looking for a rotatable broadband HF gain

I use a DX Enginnering 14 MHz - 30 MHz log periodic array for ALL of my
day-to-day DXing and for 20m/15m/10m spotting during contests (I typically
operate multi-multi in major contests).  The LPA is the only rotatable
antenna I am aware of which, due of its broadband nature, offers significant
gain AND pattern over a wide freqency range.  LPA's also have no lossy,
failure-prone traps and are mechanically pretty simple.

I have worked 289 DXCC countries and 40 zones on 17 meters with this antenna
(plus 255 DXCC countries and 39 zones on 12 meters).  Guest operators at
AA6TT are generally amazed at the thick 20m pileups they can break with the
LPA.  The idea that LPAs are "rotatable dummy loads" is a myth and very, very

In my opinion, Log Periodic Arrays, and in particular the DX Engineering
models which feature better gain and pattern than the somewhat
long-in-the-tooth KLM designs, are the best choice for hams desiring standard
HF band plus WARC band coverage.

DX Engineering recently changed their telephone number to 503/466-3138.

Bill, AA6TT

PS:  Has anyone out there every built one of the fixed wire low band LPA's
which appear in a couple of ARRL publications?  I am still pondering which
80m fixed wire array to build for the upcoming contest season.

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