IARU Score & Misc.

Jim Stevens ki4hn at vnet.IBM.COM
Mon Jul 19 23:06:16 EDT 1993

Tnx to W3XU, WB5VZL, K9HI, es AA5BT for the 599 rpt on my test append.

I've been following the reflector for about 4 months now.  Enjoying all of
the lively discussions, and I thought this was a good time to join in.

I worked briefly in the IARU.  CW-only, low power.  56 QSOs.  11 multipliers.
1,562 points.  Worked 40 & 20 only.  Mostly zone 7.  Lots of 5's & 0's.
Not much propgation to Europe when I was on.  Tnx to all who put up with
my /AE in the lower 25 KHz.  Hopefully the new ticket will come soon (but
the call will be the same).  Worked mostly S&P mainly because my CW skills
are not up to contest level yet.

To NZ5I, Kenny, I'm also a barefoot vertical station.  Running TS440 into
Cushcraft AP8 which is ground mounted.

All for now.  I love testing when time and my XYL permit, so I hope to
hear ya'll in the next one.

73 de KI4HN

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