Need IARU contest logs.

Peter Hardie hardie at
Wed Jul 21 21:49:22 EDT 1993

I am testing my IARU logging/scoring program that I wrote for my Amiga and
already have found some bugs in it with the 696 QSOs that we (VE5QST) made.
I'd appreciate it if one or more of you who made at least 1000 QSOs would
Email me the ASCII version of your log. I can read the ASCII version
produced by both CT and NA, and if there's other programs out there I can
probably figure out how to convert the output. I could, if necessary, also
handle a uuencoded .bin file from CT. 
The program is not commercial (it's freely available for FTP on our local
site - but needs updating once I've fixed IARU!) and I will also keep the
content of the logs confidential.
73 de Pete hardie at  VE5VA


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