NA QSO Party

Scott A Stembaugh n9ljx at
Thu Jul 22 04:32:57 EDT 1993

Having just recently gooten bit by the contesting bug I am hoping to gleen
some education from those with more experiance than myself. I am going to do
the NA QSO Party and was wondering about some of the etiquite involved.

1) Are the rules in QST complete, or are there more I should worry about?
2) How tight should one stay with the suggested freqs?
3) Is there software that will handle the logging for this 'test? My version
of CT doesn't.
4) what kind of score should I be aiming for in the single op catagory as a
'little pistol' type station?

Thanks for the info and listen for my weak sig (running a small vertical)
because I am going to need the Qs.


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