Coax vs Hardline Help

Thu Jul 22 10:42:14 EDT 1993

One of my plans this summer is to replace the coax on my tower. I'm torn 
between using hardline or RG-213. The tower is 70'and is about 60 feet from 
the house, so including the run into the shack, I'm looking at about 150'. 
I have some 7/8" (I think) 75 ohm hardline that is long enough, but the 
impedance mismatch bothers me a bit. After reading the article about coax in 
the NCJ, I'm even more torn between using the hardline and the coax.

Does anyone have any suggestions? Is my run short enough that I don't really 
need to worry about losses? What about the impedance bump when I connect the 
hardline to 50 ohm coax? Does the logic change if I want to use this for my 2m 
packet antenna on the tower (ie. does the 75 ohm hardline make more of a 
difference at VHF freq.)?

Cost is not a issue here, since I have the RG-213 and the hardline in my 
possession already, so all I need is some good advice!

Thanks all... Kevin N1EPU

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