Robert A. Wilson n6tv at vnet.IBM.COM
Fri Jul 23 01:42:13 EDT 1993

Since the announcement didn't make the July issue of CQ, I'll post it
here for the benefit of those who don't get QST or the NCJ:

August 7-8   North American QSO Party, CW
August 21-22 North American QSO Party, Phone

Sponsored by the National Contest Journal, 1800Z Aug 7-0600Z Aug 8 (phone
is 1800Z Aug 21-0600Z Aug 22).  Contests are separate.  Single-operator
and multioperator, two transmitter.  Output power must be limited to 150
watts.  No spotting nets or helpers for single op.  Single ops only one
signal at a time.  Single ops may operate any 10 hours.  Rest periods
must be at least 30 minutes long and noted in log.  Multiops may work
the entire contest.   Work stations once per band.  No crossmode
operation.  Exchange name and state/province/DXCC country.  160-10
(except 12, 17 or 30 meters).  Work stations once per band.  CW--1.815
3.535 7.035 14.035 21.035 28.035; phone--1.865 3.850 7.225 14.250 21.300
28.450 28.600,  Multipliers are states (including KH6 and KL7), VE call
areas (VE1-VE8, VO1, VO2, VY1) and other North American countries (do
not count US, VE, KH6 or KL7 as countries).  Non-North American countries
do not count as multipliers, but may be worked for QSO credit.  Score
one point per QSO.  Multipliers times QSO points for final score.
Awards.  Team Competition:  Maximum five members per team; groups with
more than five members may submit more than one team entry.  Names and
call signs must be registered with KZ2S before start of contest.  Send
logs, summary sheet and dupe sheets within 30 days after the contest to
John Golomb, KZ2S, 107 Bailey Corner Rd., Wall, NJ 07719.

Bob, N6TV

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