Keyboard Redefinition for CT

H. LAWRENCE SERRA 72750.3620 at CompuServe.COM
Fri Jul 23 01:59:54 EDT 1993

de N6AZE--

I am trying to redfine the backslash (\) key to become the plus (+) key
on my old Zenith 8088 laptop for use in CT. The reason is that both the
uppercase plus key, and the embedded numeric keypad plus key, require
two keystrokes to operate at the end of a QSO to send "TU N6AZE" and
log the QSO.

We tried ANSI redefinition in a batch file to redefine the backslash
key to become the plus key, and it worked in DOS, but not once we were
operating in the CT program.

Not being very computer literate, I would be most grateful if someone
would suggest a solution to effect the redefinition in a way that will
work when I'm in CT.

73, Larry N6AZE

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