Keyboard Redefinition for CT

Andy Zwirko Zwirko at
Fri Jul 23 14:00:54 EDT 1993

Not that I've tried any of these...

  But one of the following PD utils from SIMTEL20.Army.Mil anonymous FTP site
(in the PD1:[MSDOS.KEYBOARD] directory may help accomplish what you're looking
to do under CT...Check out

CHAR5.ZIP     B   11993  921016  TSR pastes special characters to applications
D5MACS.ZIP    B    4983  910713  DOS 5.0 Macros for use with DOSKEY
DKEY.ARC      B   20582  871027  Keyboard redefinition
ENHANCED.ARC  B    7124  880829  TSR enables full use of extended keyboard
FIX101KY.ARC  B    5264  880924  AT-keyboard key redefiner. w/ASM
FKEYSKIT.ZIP  B   35155  900411  Function key redefinition kit; expandable
KEYDEF03.ZIP  B   13064  930210  DOS key redefinition with ANSI.SYS
KEYSET13.ARC  B   88665  880831  Keyboard Macros/Function key setter
KEYSWP12.ZIP  B   43855  920506  KEYSWAP: Configurable keyboard redefinition
NEWKEY54.ZIP  B  170089  910220  Keyboard macros and key redefinition
RATKEY27.ARC  B   13893  881016  Enhanced TSR keyboard macro utility
SWAPKEY.ASM   A    4789  840912  TSR allows swapping keys on keyboard
TSR45.ZIP     B   84132  930103  TSR Utilities v4.5: Function key macro assign

Good luck and good day.

andy - ka1gd

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