NA QSO Party

Joel B Levin levin at BBN.COM
Mon Jul 26 11:12:30 EDT 1993

From:     Fred Hopengarten <k1vr!k1vr at>
| 3) Is there software that will handle the logging for this
|'test? My version of CT doesn't.
|K1VR:  CT does not now (even in Version 8.35), and never
|has, handled NA.

And he's not likely to.  I asked Ken about this at Manchester (where
I bought a copy) and he says that contest is <someone else's>
territory and he's not going to encroach. (Paraphrased, and I forgot
the name he mentioned.  You guys who know the software and people
probably know who he meant.)

	/JBL   kd1on

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