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David Engle engle at wdl.loral.com
Thu Jul 22 23:45:33 EDT 1993

Rick asks about putting up a KT-34A and a 3 el KLM 40.  And wants
to know the wind load of KLM 40s.

The 2 el KLM 40m beam is 6 sq. ft.
The 3 el KLM 40m beam is 10 sq. ft.

Values from their catalog.

I had a KLM 3 el 40 and a KT34A on a 60' tower.  The 40 played very well.
Only problem was with 10' separation I could never get the KT-34A to
play on 15 when the two beams had their booms aligned directly over
each other.  The 40 was set at 90 degrees to the tri-bander in order
to make the "stack" work.

One thing good about getting a 72' tower is that you can leave the
tower partially extended, say 45'-50' and still have a very workable
antenna system.  At this height, the tower sections are doubly overlapped
and the loading is cut down.  You won't worry so much about being caught
out of town and have a wind storm come through.  You can push it all the
way up for contests and big pile ups.  I'd suggest getting the electric
winch, even though it costs a pile.

Incidently the KT-34A does not have much front to back.  It is optimized
for forward gain.  I have switched antennas and wish I still had that
leaky F-B ratio.  With the KT-34A (on the West Coast) I could run JAs
off the front and still work the occasional South American/Carribean
station.  With my current Create Design, I have to rotate the tower to
work most of the South Americans calling me off the back.

Hope this is of some help....Regards, Dave   ke6ze

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