KLM ants

Rus Healy NJ2L rhealy at arrl.org
Tue Jul 27 09:26:59 EDT 1993

David Engle, KE6ZE, writes:

>Incidently the KT-34A does not have much front to back.  It is optimized
>for forward gain.  I have switched antennas and wish I still had that
>leaky F-B ratio.  

I've found the same to be true of the Mosley TA-34. Its best-
case F/B ratio is about 15 dB (on 10 and 15 meters). That's 
the main reason why it's now at 35 feet, fixed on the Caribbean 
during DX contests (and toward the west during SS). :-) It beats 
rotating the stacks to the south!

By the way, next time you talk to K1AR, ask him whether he liked
the "Pasta from Hell" at Shorty's Mexican restaurant during the 
New England Division Convention on Saturday night. We had sort 
of a mini-Dayton contester get-together ('AR, K1DG, K5ZD, KM1H, 
KQ2M, NJ2L, K5FUV, WZ1R, N2NT, and a few others), at which John 
ordered the hottest thing on the menu. Even the waitress warned 
him against it. She said, "You don't want *that*--NOBODY orders 

--73, Rus

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