PED and Sound Blaster

Dan Reese 76300.331 at CompuServe.COM
Wed Jul 28 14:14:51 EDT 1993

Since I have a Dell 486SX/25 with a Sound Blaster at home, I just had
to give PED a try.  What a neat program!  Way to go, MAS!  While it is
a great program when just playing one voice over the built-in PC
speaker, ala CT-Modoki, it's fantastic played through a Sound Blaster
with several voices!  I only wish my humble station could generate runs
like PED does <g>.  I downloaded this copy from the W6GO BBS - took
about 6 minutes at 9600 baud V.32 with ZMODEM.

I have experienced two problems with PED - has anyone else seen this:

1.  With the maximum output of the SB internal audio amplifier fed into
further amplified speakers (4 Watt), I find that I have to set the
volume knobs on the speakers as high as they can go, just to get a
comfortable listening level.  Most other SB-aware applications, DOS or
Windows, output a much higher level of sound and work just fine.  Maybe
this is just a more realistic simulation of digging out those weak

2.  After exiting from PED, the SB will not generate sound with any
other SB-aware programs.  Only solution I've found is to reboot.

If anyone else has noticed this with the Sound Blaster, let me know if
you've found a way around it.  If Tack (JE1CKA) is reading this, could
you please pass my observations on to Mas.  73

Dan Reese, N9XX
New Berlin, WI
76300.331 at CompuServe.Com

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