Audio Splitter

IAN LAMB - MOBITEX USER. etl.etlinlb at
Mon Jul 26 19:37:05 EDT 1993

Sounds to me as though there is a world wide opportunity to
make money here¨ I run QRO 144 and 432 MHz contest stations here
in UK, recently on 432 we have been using 3 separate powered
antenna arrays all connected to separate receivers on RX. I have
gone totally mad trying to build an audio system which accepts
three inputs and delivers audio via speaker and/or 'phones to
each operator with separate volume controls, RF proof etc.....
Why is it that we can erect huge antennas high in the sky, build
enormous amplifiers, build high performance transverters for
10 GHz, yet when it comes to audio we fail dismally ??
I too would appreciate any designs/ideas on this subject.

Ian G. Lamb G0KQW/G8KQW
Pond House
Beech Hill

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