Robot stations.

K2MM at MasPar.COM K2MM at MasPar.COM
Fri Jul 30 18:32:59 EDT 1993

> > [Tree/N6TR]  Comply to FCC rules.  This is some gray areas here.
> > If I write a computer program that controls the radio, am I in
> > control of the operation since I wrote the program?
> [Len/KB2R]  Sure - what could go wrong? go wrong? go wrong? go wrong?
> go wrongxxxxxxxxxx Think of it as having a guest op; you're still the
> control op.  Just poke ur head in every so often to make sure he's
> (she's? it's?) not on 6.443 or something.

Tree:  Are you in control of your kids just because you begat them?

Len:  My friend Joe/WA2SPL had to apply for an STA to run unattended
HF packet on 40m.  Seems like unattended robot contesting would also
require an STA.  Worried about getting bored watching your juggernaut
chug along?  Operate multi-two and let Robbie/Gort chase multipliers!
(But not in Field Day -- no multipliers.)

73.  --John/K2MM

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