Rating System

Jim Hollenback jholly at hposl42.cup.hp.com
Mon Jun 7 09:20:07 EDT 1993

The rating system Adam, AA7FT, discusses is the best suggestion I heard so
far.  It is a very interesting idea, and is a way to allow for winning along
the way. But several questions pop up.

If the contest sponsors are not expected to award the certificates or plaques
for the catagory wins, were is the reconition?  After all they are the ones
that are printing the results that everyone reads.  So I win a catagory 
and I get to put a piece of paper on the wall that nobody knows a thing about
does not seem like a big deal to me.

To get this thing to work and thrive, the contest sponsors have to buy into the
idea and support it.  Without the support of the contest sponsors, the rating
organization will be DOA.  The big guns won't be interested because they already
get their plaques, the little pistols won't be interested because why should
I participate and win when no one knows about it.

If this things starts, does everyone today start in catagory 4? Wow, what fun!
For the first couple years, nothing is different from today.

What contests does this organization reconize? CQ, and ARRL are not the only
contests around.  What about state QSO parties? Some are pretty big.  What about
contests from non-US sponsors? Again some are pretty  big.

Enough for now...See John, I can post on other than Fridays.

73, Jim

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