Contest coding comments

Amateur Radio Club uumars at ccu.UManitoba.CA
Thu Jun 10 02:54:40 EDT 1993

Hi all..

I'd like to suggest an addition to N6AZE's standard contest coding
sheet.  That whole idea, btw, needs some work of course, but sounds
like a new angle on something really interesting.  If not the coding
sheet, can we try this on the currently used contest summary sheets.

Contest sponsor:  Save yourself a couple of bucks and don't
bother to send me a contest certificate (entrant checks Y/N).

Possibly there are some other folks who don't care to throw another
one in the file folder.  Those certificates must cost maybe around
$5 to get them to the award winner, and the sponsors could use use
those $$'s elsewhere (plaques!)

CU in IARU  (God knows what prefix)

73..  Derrick  VE4VV

uumars at

p.s.  Any offers on about a hundred "first in section" SS certificates?!

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