CQ Zip-Code Test!

K2MM at MasPar.COM K2MM at MasPar.COM
Thu Jun 10 14:51:44 EDT 1993

Thought I'd share this excerpt from a private reply I just sent to
Tim/NU6S.  Might be worth a snicker or two.  --John/K2MM

> Tim:  As a fellow 95014'er, I think your suggestion is great!
> It reminds me of an old proposal for a National Zip Code Contest.  To
> get your final score, you multiply together all the zip codes of the
> stations you've worked.  It would make it easy to qualify for NCCC's
> 5-Meg award, but you might have to brush up on your logarithms!  Then
> someone got the bright idea of putting a joker in the deck by applying
> to the Post Office for a special temporary zip code.  "NU6S from KP9Z,
> you're Five-Nine, Zero Zero Zero Zero Zero.  You lose!"  Kinda like
> the "off-course checkpoint" in road rallyes.

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