QSY rule

sellington sellington at mail.ssec.wisc.edu
Fri Jun 11 11:55:58 EDT 1993

Gary, W9XT writes:

>I'm not really proposing such a rule should be implemented in the big
>contests.  I generally think we should not mess with them.

While I agree that we shouldn't generally change rules in the big contests,
especially in ways that make things more complicated, we do have to 
recognize that times are changing.  What worked fine 20 years ago when
activity levels were much lower and before so many stations had CQ 
machines, amplifiers, and big antennas may not be all that great now.
Carefully adjusting the rules once in a while to keep up with the times
may be necessary.  (Witness the packet-assisted category.)

Scott    K9MA 

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