QSY and CQ

Larry Tyree tree at cmicro.com
Fri Jun 11 11:01:43 EDT 1993

Maybe we need to think about something that happens during every contest and
see if we can shift the attitude.  How many people have found themselves 
being QRMed by some station and after asking them to QSY because the frequency
is in use, were presented with the comment, "Well, I have been here for four
hours!'.  The mentality is that the longer you have been on a frequency, the
more it belongs to you.  If I am just screwing around in the contest and
want to run a few guys during my time away from chores, then my feeling
is that he should give up the frequency so I can have a shot at it.

The same thing happens on 75 phone in the JA window.  

The funny thing is that this only really is a problem on phone.  So many
things are only a problem on phone, that I hardy operate a phone contest
any more.

So, the next time you have been a frequency hog, and someone tries to move
in on you, maybe it is time to let someone else use the natural resource.
If you were at a drinking fountain and someone else wanted a drink, it would
be rude to move your butt so they couldn't get in.  There is enough for

Tree  N6TR

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