QSY and CQ

Bruce Sawyer sawyer at twg.com
Fri Jun 11 18:00:25 EDT 1993

>Agreed.  I have noticed, however, that to some extent this scenario is 
>somewhat self-policing. If you are squatting on a frequency and actually
>running people, the mini-pileup you create tends to keep people from 
>getting too close. Conversely, if all you are doing is calling CQ interspersed
>with band noise, this will encourage others to muscle in. This is especially
>true in W vs DX events, where one end of the QSOs is inaudible due to skip 
>When tuning for a clear spot, I often purposely *do* set up 1 kHz or so above
>someone calling unanswered CQ's, kinda using Tree's philosophy by brute force
>("you're not doing any good, so MOVE!") :-)

1kHz???  This doesn't sound very aggressive to me.  Since I use two stages of 
250 Hz filters, I'd never even know you were 1 kHz down (especially since there 
would probably be at least two other stations between the two of us).  What I 
usually do when trying to steal a run frequency is go below the target about 600 Hz 
and then inch up on him.  If I can get a bunch of responses, that usually cinches it.  
If not, well...

I wonder how the other "little pistols" out there manage to claim a run frequency 
during DX contests?  (Pleeze...any discussion other than more schemes for 
eliminating life's inequities.)

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