Jim Rafferty, N6RJ - Silent Key

John Dorr K1AR p00259 at psilink.com
Mon Jun 14 16:17:08 EDT 1993

Amateur radio suffered the loss a real ambassador over the weekend as
Jim Rafferty, N6RJ lost his battle with cancer, passing away on Sunday
evening. For those of you who knew Jim, he was the model person that we 
all would like to be -- energetic, supportive, ethical, and above all a 
joy to be around.

Jim was as enthusiast about ham radio and contesting as one can be. He 
elected to make radio his profession, working for Ham Radio Outlet. Even 
with that backdrop, Jim always had time for his fellow ham. His
personality brought the best out of people. 

The airwaves will be more silent now that as N6RJ/ZF2JR has left us. These
events remind us of what is important and how much we should think about
what WE can contribute to our hobby. That's the way Jim viewed life. It was 
an honor to know Jim and to be considered his friend.

73, John, K1AR

P.S. The details regarding donations in Jim's memory will be forthcoming 
as they become available.

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