CTMODOKI.ZIP - Hams: CT-like radio contest trainer/simulator

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Subj:	CTMODOKI.ZIP - Hams: CT-like radio contest trainer/simulator

I have uploaded to WSMR-SIMTEL20.Army.Mil and OAK.Oakland.Edu:

CTMODOKI.ZIP    Hams: CT-like radio contest trainer/simulator

This program is a kind of CW QSO trainer with CT operation simulator.
I might say CT plus Dr. DX.  "CT MODOKI" is written by AH0K, Kenny
Sakurada, who used to be JR2GMC and one of the main Ops at JA2YKA when
they were most active.

Many people in Japan are not good at keyboard operation, and they are
trying to keep away from CT telling some excuse justifying their behavior.

Even at KH0AM, many operators used CT for the first time just a few
hours before the contest!  Of course there is a big pile up from the
States at the beginning of the contest on high bands, CT beginners are
upset and thrown into the confusion.

I believe Kenny, made this program to solve these situations.  Try it !

By the way, Japanese word "MODOKI" is a kind of slang meaning "...ish",
"in the style of" or "looks similar, but not completely the same."

... Well, See You in Contests !

                                                   Kenny Sakurada, AH0K
                       Document written by         Bear Kumagai, JA7RHJ

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Jim Reisert
reisert at mlo.dec.com

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