75M DX window

KEITH MOREHOUSE 73307.3205 at CompuServe.COM
Wed Jun 16 14:12:08 EDT 1993

Yaaaa Hoooo ... Love them DX windows...

If its a DX window.....how come there's a bunch o' yagi-types calling in 
there anyhow ?? I thought the idea of DX-windows was to leave a clear spot 
for the "rare" multipliers with weak signals.  Some of those guys on 75M 
want the whole band reserved for the "DX group" (I.E> their clique).  Woe 
to you if you happen to transmit a signal in their WINDOW.

If you can find a way to get the net ops/ragchewers/DX-hogs/alligators/pig 
farmers/QRM'ers/VE's/South Americans/broadcast stations/cypher 
stations/good-ol-boys/avacado growers/flakes/goofs/general trashers ...... 
and OTHER contest ops to honor your window, I commend you, Sir !!

I never really figured out what good a DX Window really was on a band like 
75.  Always thought maybe it was a training ground for 20M DX-police.

Makes me kinda wonder how a good-fer-nothin, weak sig W9 like me ever 
worked 200+ using dipoles on this band even BEFORE anybody but W2HCW or 
W2ONV ever thought of a 75M DX window.


Keith WB9TIY

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