reflector suggestion

Kenny=Manchester%NetSrv%Sys=Hou at Kenny=Manchester%NetSrv%Sys=Hou at
Thu Jun 17 15:25:30 EDT 1993

I would like to suggest that we consider segmenting the 
reflector into a few key areas of discussion matter.

Suggest subjects:  General, Scores/Test Info, Humor, Rules 
and Policies.

The idea is that if you like the status quo, you get all 
messages.  If you only care about scores then that's all you 
get, etc.

I would suggest strong policing to aid those who are paying 
for data they care nothing about.  

A document which outlines the categories that are current 
for the reflector and a few HINTs on how to effectively use 
the subject field would be nice.

What say guys?  Can we agree on this?  Any other ideas on 
this?  It does mean a more work for the administrator 
though...separate reflector lists etc., I think.  Trey would 
this be ok?


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