Cheap E-Mail For Silicon Valley

K2MM at MasPar.COM K2MM at MasPar.COM
Fri Jun 18 12:10:55 EDT 1993

If you live/work in/near Silicon Valley, and are currently paying for
Internet e-mail access, you might be interested in the following CHEAP

    $13 setup, $6/month, free 100kB/month, $0.02 per extra kB.

Kilobyte charges are for received-plus-sent characters.  (And, yes,
their unit is kB = 1000, not KB = 1024 bytes.)

Free software for PC or Mac is included.  (I've heard reports that
MCImail requires expensive software.  Not sure about that, though.)
Messages are read/composed offline and transferred by telephone to/from
the central hub.  Supported bit rates are from 1200 to 14,400 b/s, and
there's no connect charge.

"Espmail" service is available from Electronic Service Providers,
Sunnyvale, CA.  Voice: 408-733-2191, FAX: 408-733-2195, Internet:
"info at".

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