real names

ames at ames at
Mon Jun 21 16:03:59 EDT 1993


Subj:   Use real subject names !

WN3K has a good point about using accurate subject headings.  As one of the
weirdo's who actually pays to read some of this ^#$@#@$&%, I object to
having to download a message with a generic subject ID only to find that
its from somebody who wants to say "hi to the cluster" or test his
answerback or some such nonsense.

I am very selective in what I read and feel that I probably miss some
worthwhile stuff because I don't have that "warm 'n fuzzy" feel about its
title.  Lets use descriptive titles or subjects for our messages !!
Let's us real names and call signs when we send messages!

de W?????   get the message? or don't complain!

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