G4BUO Duplicates

Fri Jun 25 12:04:13 EDT 1993

         Date: 25/06/93
         From: Dave Lawley G4BUO                            LAWLEYD  - WEBS
           To:                                              43162    - IBMX400
      Subject: G4BUO Duplicates
Laurence, I've got tons of mail about this. The maximum seems to be eight
messages, could you send out this apology. Ta, Dave.
Apologies for the (unmarked) dupes. As you can see from my email address
there are a lot of wormholes/gateways/links involved in getting on to
Internet. I assure you I only sent it once, but until I can move from
IBMX400 onto a compulink service after my vacation in Ireland (look
for EI/G4BUO/P on CW) I will go into read-only mode on the reflector.
I have asked Laurence G4HTD to send this out for me. Once again apologies,
especially to those who pay by the byte.
73, Dave

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