1993 ARRL DX Contest

Hodge Thorgerson David Cameron-INBA hodge at redvax1.dgsca.unam.mx
Thu Jun 24 21:36:07 EDT 1993

Hi Trey, I tried to say hello when I first came on line a while ago but the
message didn't go through and got deferred.  Haven't gotten to trying again
since.  Glad to be aboard.
	One question...While I am away this summer how can I get disconnected?
If I am not here to empty my mail regularly the controllers will probably throw
everything out!  I will be in the states from around the 20th of July through
the 18th of August.
	I hope to get to S.C. to visit my sister.  Hope you will be in town!
	I played from home this year with a TS 440S/AT and a homebrew 20/15/10
meter vertical on the roof.  Time restraints limited me to about 21 hours of
operation.  I managed about 2100 QSOs and a reasonable multiplier considering
no 160/80.  What really tickled me was that I actually ran stations on 40 with
the vertical and tuner to the tune of 85/hour for some three hours!  I seemed to\
be in some sort of blackhole on 10 as far as Louisiana was concerned.  I asked
at least 7 stations to QSY from 15 and 20 and never heard a single one!!
After spending so much time on 10 and 15, I finally spent the last few hours on
20.  After my first CQ there I thought they had mistaken my call for something
a tad rarer.  I think every big gun on the band was calling me at once.  It
was tough to pull a full call out of the pile and even harder to get the guys
to listen to me!  I felt like I was on 80.  They wouldn't stand by to listen for
my weak sig and there was little I could do but be patient.  Funny thing, after
some 5 minutes things suddenly thinned out and I had a manageable pile. Guess
the heavies got tired of beating each other up without result and went in search
of easier pickings.  Hard to believe an XE can generate such interest!
	Forgot to mention ARRL DX CW.  I dabbled in the phone test some 6 hours
only since I had to pack for yet another move that weekend.
	This is all off the top of my head.  I'll give it more thought.
	73,  David XE1/AA6RX

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