CQWW RTTY contest director

Jeff Tucker N9HZQ tucker at gtl.georgiatech-metz.fr
Sun Jun 27 13:56:13 EDT 1993

Hello, everyone.  I hope you had fun at Field Day.  I'm exiled
here in France for the summer and don't have my license yet.  I
heard a couple of you, though, even with my G5RV laying on the

I need to get in touch with the CQWW RTTY contest director as
soon as possible, but I don't have his address.  I'd appreciate
it if someone with that information would mail it to me.  I doubt
I could find a copy of CQ over here.  Alternatively, if one of
you is local to him and could pass along a short message, that
would be very helpful.

Thanks es 73
Jeff  (F/)N9HZQ

Jeffrey L. Tucker                           N9HZQ
tucker at georgiatech-metz.fr                  Georgia Tech Lorraine
tucker at eedsp.gatech.edu                     Metz, France

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