Field Day from IOTA NA-065

Ward Silver hwardsil at
Tue Jun 29 12:59:55 EDT 1993

Old man 10 Meters slept through the entire event for our 3A effort from Whid-
bey Island, WA.  Not an all-out, max-rate effort, we netted 1250 Q's and maxed
out the bonus points (except for public place) at 1000.  The RS-12 satellite
QSO was fun (15 up / 10 down), as was Solar power, and the general hunt for
the W1AW message.  So the total comes out at about 4700 points.

By far the high point of the weekend was the 4-man Lemon Launcher used to
hurl yellow citrus-like objects over the 100' fir trees.  It involved surgical
tubing, a tin funnel, a 12-foot ladder, and strong backs.  The extended Lazy-H
erected thereby is now christened "The Citrus Curtain" your signals a
clean, fresh scent, too!  Food was great, rain held off until after all ant's
were up...what else is there?

Great fun from W7 Fruit Rocket...CU next year!
73, Ward

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