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Ward Silver hwardsil at
Sat May 1 14:43:47 EDT 1993

de Ward, N0AX
Let me discuss the "field strengthbusiness a bit further.  I think we should
only be looking for gross infringements here, such as op'g QRP class and run-
ning 100W, or the 10kW crowd.  In cases like this, measurements don't have to
be taken by rocket scientists to distinguish between factors of 10 or 20.  I
would not presume to suggest that differences of much less than that are at
all feasible to write "tickets" for.  We're not looking for the guy driving
60, but the one doing 95 with a license plate of "USUCKER"...

For judges, I want the real operators to step up and volunteer.  If we can't
get the cream of the crop, who know what's what, to do the job, then I don't
think we have enough of a problem to tackle.  I don't know if it would take
too many judges for, say, SS, to drive around and do some checking.  The DX
contests are more problematical, but...

I don't mean to imply that if you don't agree with me then you cheat.  But 
(and everybody's got a big but) do we have a problem worth doing something
about, or is this just post-season bitching and moaning?  On the other hand,
it's just for do we need to get a life, or what?

Perhaps this is just a "difficult" phase in contest evolution wherein tension
of some sort builds and is then resolved by a rapid series of innovations.
If we had a real-time log collection network, with a big UNIX box watching
it all go down, it would be a tremendously different environment in which to
play...imagine.I'm sure you have some pipe dreams of your own!

Yeah, having to have cops is an implicit recognition of a structural deficit
somewhere in the system.  If I was a legitimate record-holder or winner getting
ripped off and nothing was ever being done, I'd have to re-consider how I
spend my ds...or work to change the situation.

It has just occurred to me, though, that having this forum is an innovation of
the sort I just debate often resolves the most intractable

Live long and prosper!
73, Ward

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