County Hunters CW Contest.

Alan Brubaker alan at
Mon May 3 08:42:07 EDT 1993

K6XO/7/M  181 QSOs, 101 Counties - about 31K points.

Propagation was excellent Friday evening with big signals from all
over, but after that, it was rather flakey. I was operating from
Tooele County on the shore of the Great Salt Lake, and out of 
nowhere DL4RX answered one of my CQs. So the salt water seems to
work as it is supposed to. Lots of activity out of Texas - worked
43 Texas counties, almost half of my multiplier. N7TT was the most
consistent fixed station that I heard - S9+ most of the time. He 
had over 400 QSOs. K8CW had about 500 QSOs. Strongest mobile signal
award goes to KM8U/M in Michigan. With everyone mostly down in the
mud, he was doing very well. Other DX worked: OH, JA and UA9. Did not
even hear another Utah station, much less work one. Not much out of
W6 either. The weather was perfect - 60-70 degrees and clear.


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