scsmh at GF-WAN.af.mil scsmh at GF-WAN.af.mil
Mon May 3 09:52:00 EDT 1993

Tough issue.  We would definitely want experienced contesters 
to do any on the air monitoring.  We could task the box score
winners with this responsibility for the following contest.  
That way, new people could be in the boxes every other year.

On site inspection agency - Start at my house in Grand Forks, ND.
Make sure that I am not cheating for five minutes.  Leave and 
drive to Bottineau, ND to check on WB0O.  Day Two - Swing by 
Fargo, Jamestown and Bismark to check for activity.   Time spent
on the road (hours!) could be spent monitoring the air waves. 
Would contestors have to pre-register to be eligible for 
on site monitoring?  Gas costs?!?  Not on my budget, I have started
curtailing county runs here in North Dakota due to cost and wear
and tear.

MEANINGFUL CONTEST EXCHANGES:  I've commented on this before.  Let's
replace the 59/9 signal reports with meaningful information.  My 
personal choice is six-place Maidenhead locator.

CT upgrade recommendation:  Develop a generic contest template that will
let me use the software for state qso parties with varying formats. 

73, bob - nd1h portable zero in north dakota - qrz'd  ...-.-

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