The new contest

Larry Tyree tree at
Wed May 5 09:49:00 EDT 1993

Again, thanks for all the comments.  There are some frequently asked questions
that I thought I would answer on the reflector.

First, the WPX CW contest is the last full weekend of May.  This year it is
on the 29th and 30th, the weekend after the internet sprint.  I don't
understand how so many people think it is the same weekend of the sprint.
Maybe some magazine somewhere has the wrong date in it.

You should be able to use NA to log the contest.  However, you won't be able
to automatically send the name of the previous QSO.  The N6TR Logging Program
will also log the contest and has been enhanced to send the name of the
previous QSO.  If you are a paid N6TR user, contact me for a free update
before the contest.

Finally, figuring out how to get your log into internet and sending it to me
within 72 hours of the contest is indeed part of the contest!!  Maybe this
will be a chance to learn something new.  Remember the log must be in ASCII
format and look like a normal sprint log sheet.

Some people have complained that 40 meters might not be very good on the west
coast since the sun won't be down yet.  This may be true, but I believe that
with the special dupe rule, many people may never even get to 40 meters.  
With this unique rule, your band changing decisions are all different.

tree at

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