CQ-M Contest

ames at nebula.decnet.lockheed.com ames at nebula.decnet.lockheed.com
Wed May 5 11:58:30 EDT 1993

Jim, K6ZH, asked about the CQ-M Contest this weekend.  Well I just
happened to bring all my scraps of paper to work to figure what contests
are on for the rest of the month.

CQ-M Contest (Peace to the World), 2100z May 8 to 2100z May 9; CW, Phone,
or mixed mode. work stations one per band and mode. exchange RST and
serial number starting from 001. scoring, etc April QST p.107. Scores
to Box 88 by July 1.  

Massachusetts QSO Party, 1500z May 8 to 2100z May 9, details in QST also. 

Nevada QSO Party, 0000z May 8 to 0600z May 9, log info is different but
in World Radio, May, p.73 and QST May p.128 by a few days.

that's about it.  73, alan N2ALE/6

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