Steel vs. Phillystran

TOM TAORMINA 72610.1361 at CompuServe.COM
Wed May 5 22:19:41 EDT 1993

K0SF asked a number of questions about steel versus Phillystran guy cable.
I have been involved with 9 towers using the old and the new and never had
any adverse behavior. We've had the usual number of "oops" putting up
large yagis and never damaged it. It does not stretch or have any elastic
properties. The plastic jacket is UV resistant. Except for being RF
transparent, it behaves very much as its equivalent EHS guy wire.

Another major benefit is the dramatic reduction in weight adds to the
saftey factor of the structure (in other words, you can put more stuff on
the tower).

The only problems I have ever heard about were the results of improper
potting procedures, and there's no need to pot any longer. Use common
sense handling it, unroll it off the reel in its natural lay, follow the
manufacturer's recommended installation and tightening data and it should
give you many years of trouble free service.

73 and DX,
Tom, K5RC

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