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Doug.Grant at Doug.Grant at
Tue May 11 17:07:00 EDT 1993

This is the right group to ask...

Who has the biggest ham antennas? I've recently been asked that question, and
I know a bunch of big ones out there, but who's got *THE BIGGEST*?

I guess it's really several questions - who's got the biggest antenna on each
band, and who's got the most antennas at one location.

Reply directly to me (doug.grant at, and I'll keep track of the

Amateur-only antennas, please (and yes, I know the dish at Arecibo gets used
on 2M EME now and then, but it doesn't count).

I'll start with one nomination - for 160, the 2-element full-size delta loop
on 180-foot crankup tower at PJ9W, October 1991.

Still working on the morality/cheating episode. Thanks for the ideas, gang.

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