WRTLOG60.ZIP - WriteLog 6.0: Logging Shareware for Windows3.1

Jim Reisert AD1C 13-May-1993 0951 reisert at mast.enet.dec.com
Thu May 13 10:47:48 EDT 1993

[help for downloading the program follows the announcement]

From:	STTNG::"w8sdz at TACOM-EMH1.Army.Mil" "13-May-1993 0535"
To:	MSDOS-Ann at TACOM-EMH1.Army.Mil (MS-DOS upload announce)
CC:	71034.3544 at CompuServe.COM, reisert at mlo.dec.com
Subj:	WRTLOG60.ZIP - WriteLog 6.0: Logging Shareware for Windows3.1

I have uploaded to WSMR-SIMTEL20.Army.Mil and OAK.Oakland.Edu:

WRTLOG60.ZIP    WriteLog 6.0: Logging Shareware for Windows3.1

WriteLog is an amateur radio log keeping program designed specifically
for radio contesting and also useful for general log keeping. It
requires Windows 3.1, 2M RAM. Features:

    Dynamically loadable contest modules. Includes modules
    European DX contest, NAQP, and more.

    Control of and automatic frequency logging for computer interfaced
    rigs from Kenwood and Ten Tec. (Icom and Yaesu field test
    software also included.)

    Automated transmission of CW, RTTY, Voice (on multimedia PC)

    Spreadsheet-style log display and edit.

    Packet interface with scrolling display of recent spots.

Shareware.  Evaluate it for your first 100 QSOs, then you owe the
registration fee.  Sources are also available for an additional

Wayne Wright, W5XD
71034.3544 at CompuServe.COM

To unzip this program, you will need a copy of UNZIP or PKUNZIP version 2.

As Bob, K2PH wrote:

"For those having trouble unzipping wrtlog60.zip, it can be unzipped
 by Info-ZIP's free UNZIP Version 5.0 Patchlevel 1.  Actually, unzip
 can unzip files made by PKZIP 2.04 as well as 1.10.  It is FTP-able
 from a number of places -- I got it from oak.oakland.edu.  Look in
 the /pub/msdos/zip directory for UNZ50P1.EXE."

"They also distribute a free ZIP.  In the same directory, snarf
 ZIP10EXX.ZIP to get a zip that is compatible with PKZIP 1.10 and
 ZIP19P1X.ZIP for compatibility with the newer PKZIP."

Furthermore, you can find PKZ204G.EXE (the latest version from PKWare) at:

	garbo.uwasa.fi: /pc/arcers/pkz204g.exe

If you *DON'T* have FTP access, you can send a message to
ftpmail at decwrl.dec.com with the word HELP in the *body* of the mail message.

Please direct any questions about the program to Wayne, his CompuServe
address is above.  I'd be happy to answer questions about FTP and UNZIP, but
please send mail to reisert at mast.enet.dec.com and *NOT* the whole reflector!

73 - Jim AD1C

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