cheating/100W limit

Fri May 14 09:09:27 EDT 1993

Whew! I had the misfortune of getting a full two months behind in my
reading of this mailing list, but I've managed to get caught up. You all
have been busy.

Concerning the discussion on cheating: I *assume* that the person
suspected is known to have submitted a false summary sheet, rather than
the contest authority having made an error. In BOTH the ARRL 160M
contest, and the Phone SS, the ARRL listed my results in the wrong
category. In the 160M I was listed as high power when actually I was low
(not as bad as the other way around - hi). In Phone SS, I used packet
cluster assistance to track down WN3K for my last section, and so my log
was submitted as multi-op. May QST lists me as single-op! Anybody who
was on our packet cluster and saw my pleas for Delaware might be
scratching their heads right now. However, in an e-mail exchange with
Billy Lunt, he agrees that my summary sheet was correct, and it was the
League's error. So, mistakes happen, and in my case, it seems to be
fairly common.

As a 100W station on a small urban lot with lots of neighbors with
electronic phones and VCRs (yes, we have these things in Kentucky) it is
easy for me to agree with the call for a 100W limit, especially since I
am mostly interested in domestic contesting.  Of course, the different
power categories in most contests largely solves the problem in my
opinion.  I agree wholehartedly with Torsten.  The Sprint I operated
last year was my first, and last, unless a 100W limit OR power
categories are adopted. My 1988 Mercury Tracer would seem like a faster
car if they banned all the Porsches, but is this the right thing to do?

73 de Chris KU4A
ku4a at
Kentucky Contest Group

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